PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for an instant tax refund, you must comply with the following terms and conditions.  However, even if you can’t meet all these conditions, we will be happy to assist with your Tax Return. Just go to our Online Tax Return Application to get you started.

Same Day Tax Refund Conditions


Condition 1

I AGREE that I have all my Income Tax Returns for prior years completed, lodged and assessed by the Tax Office.

Condition 2

I AGREE that I Have NOT had any amounts deducted from the Annual Income Tax Refund in the last 3 YEARS for: – Child Support Payments – Centrelink Debts – Family Tax Benefit over-payments – SPER fines – Any other Government amounts unpaid and recovered via ATO

Condition 3

I AGREE that I DO NOT owe ITR or the Tax Office any money.

Condition 4

I Agree to SIGN the DDR form to confirm the debt I OWE to Instant Tax Refunds. If the Tax Refund amount does not repay this Cash advance and the ITR fees in total, I understand that ITR will initiate the DDR immediately to recover the the amount I still owe ITR, plus a $50 Administration Fee.

Condition 5

I AGREE that IF I am a new arrival in Australia, I HAVE completed at least TWO years of Tax Returns without ATO deductions being made from my refund for any reason.

Maximum Instant Refund amounts advanced on the Day
First Tax Return or New Client to ITR – $500
Existing ITR client meeting all conditions – $800

Condition 6

Instant Tax Refunds will deposit your refund into your bank account same day, however whether it arrives at your bank account instantly or not will depend on your bank offering OSKO facilities.