The dangers of doing your own tax return

Do you know what you can rightfully claim?

Common deductions can include work-related expenses, self-education expenses, charitable donations and the cost of managing your tax affairs, like paying an accountant.

If you’re lodging your own tax return online, you have to understand the definitions of deductions and how to apply them.

Using a qualified tax agent can ensure you stay within the law and help maximise your claims. Too many times we have seen people come in after doing their own tax returns the previous year and we are amazed at how many deductions they miss out on.

Are you wasting your own time? While using the ATO’s tax return service might seem to be quicker, it often takes a lot longer as the system can be very complex if you are aren’t sure what to claim.

Once you add in the time to collate your information, look up your deductions and check to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes, the process can take at least an hour or two. In less time, you can speak to one our agents and get it all done for you.

To make the process as convenient and hassle-free as possible, you can use our tax return form to get your taxes done quickly and accurately.

How important is peace of mind? When you lodge your return yourself, the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders. Getting it wrong could mean an audit from the ATO.

One of the main advantages of using our tax agents is that you get peace of mind. Choosing to lodge through us ensures you are compliant with tax laws and you can rest easy knowing your return has been accurately prepared.

Do you have the necessary knowledge? With decades of experience lodging thousands of personal income tax returns, we’ve learnt a lot about tax.

Every tax return is unique, so getting the right advice can save you time, stress and unnecessary payments to the ATO. Sitting down with us means we will be the ones to working out the intricacies of your finances and what you’re entitled to claim.

So, to make sure you get the best results this year, call us today or use our online form.

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