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Instant Tax Refunds has compiled a comprehensive list of all the tax deductions for health professionals, including nurses, midwives, and other health professionals.

It is largely based on tax deductions from out-of-pocket expenses you incurred throughout the year that were not reimbursed by your employer.

Meals and Travel Tax Deductions

· When working overtime, nurses could claim the cost of their meals, if they received a meal allowance from their employer that is based on an Industrial Award AND that allowance is separately listed on their pay slip. In Australia, you can claim up to the Australian Taxation Office's allowable limit on meals without keeping receipts. Insurers require receipts for any amount over that limit.

· Whether you are traveling to and from meetings, seminars, conferences, or training in a different place of work, you can claim your travel expenses including parking, tolls, and taxis.

· In the event that you need to remain away from home overnight for any of the following reasons, you may be able to claim the costs of meals and lodging.

· When used for work-related purposes, your personal car may be claimed, including transportation to meetings, conferences and trainings that are not held at your workplace, or to visit your patients at their homes. It is recommended that you keep a diary of your trips if you wish to claim the cost of your personal vehicle. This will enable you to estimate the number of kilometres travelled.

Uniforms and Protective Clothing Tax deductions

· You may be able to claim the cost of a uniform if you are a nurse or health care professional.

· Protective clothing for nurses is deductible, including:

  • Non-slip nursing shoes

  • Safety items such as glasses, gloves, aprons, and lab coats

· Even if your employer requires you to wear specific items (e.g., business suits, specific colours, specific brands, or items the company sells), traditional clothing is not tax deductible.

· If you hire, repair, and clean any of the protective clothing or work clothing mentioned above, then you may claim the following:

· If your laundry claim is less than $150, no paperwork is required. The Australian Taxation Office calculates the cost of laundry at $1 per load of work-related clothing, or 50 cents per load if other laundry items are included.

· It is a requirement to keep receipts for dry cleaning and clothing repairs.

Equipment and tools Tax deductions

· If a tool or piece of equipment costs less than $300, you can claim a deduction.

· In addition to depreciating items over $300 each, we offer a free depreciation calculator that calculates an accurate claim for the current year and the balance to carry forward to future years.

· It is only possible to claim the portion of an item that is used for business purposes, if the item is also used for private purposes.

· Equipment and tools typically eligible for a nurse's tax deduction include:

  • Fob watches

  • Medical tools and implements.

  • Electronic equipment such as computers and mobile phones

  • Stationery such as diaries, organisers, and logbooks

  • Briefcases and laptop carry bag.

Other Work-Related Expenses Tax deductions

· Nurses may also claim tax deductions for the following work-related expenses:

· Fees associated with nursing associations or unions Annual practicing certificate Agency commissions Subscriptions to professional journals and magazines.

General Expense Tax deductions

· Costs involved in attending conferences and seminars Reference books Telephone and internet fees (only for work-related purposes) Office expenses Tax agent fees Donations to registered charities Income Protection Insurance

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