Tax Deductions Hospitality Workers

Tax deductions are available to chefs, waiters, bartenders, kitchen hands, and other hospitality professionals.

Meals and Travel: Tax Deductions

· The cost of travelling between your workplace and your home cannot be deducted, but you can deduct the cost of travelling between your two workplaces. It also includes travel between two different workplaces for the same employer.

· Owning the car and paying its running costs is the only way to claim car related expenses.

· Taxis, short-term car rentals, tolls and parking fees can be claimed if they are necessary for your income-earning activities. (net of any reimbursement you may have received from your employer)

· It is possible to claim actual meal and accommodation expenses if you must travel overnight for work.

Work Clothing: Tax Deductions

· It is possible to claim expenses for work clothing and uniforms if they include a company logo and/or form part of the company uniform.

· You cannot claim for clothes that are plain or conventional that you wear at work. For example, waiters and waitresses often wear plain white shirts and black trousers for work.

· You may be eligible to claim occupation-specific clothing, such as chef's checked pants and chef's hats.

· As well as aprons, rubber and heat-resistant gloves, and protective boots for kitchen work, all protective clothing can be claimed.

· A claim can also be made for maintaining and cleaning eligible clothing.

Training: Tax Deductions

· It may be possible to claim the cost of self-education or training if the course undertaken relates directly to your current employment or income-producing activities. Regardless of whether the new position is within the same company, you are not able to claim any associated costs for training that leads to you landing a new job.

· You may claim textbooks, stationary, student union fees, course fees, and certain travel expenses. If your employer reimburses you for any of these costs, that amount should be deducted from your claim.

Work Equipment: Tax Deductions

· Keeping a record of the percentage the equipment was used for work purposes will let you claim for declines in value in items like computers, phones, chef knives and answering machines.

· Repairs to work-related equipment can also be claimed.

Other Expenses: Tax Deductions

Additional expenses that hospitality industry workers can claim as tax deductions include:

· The cost of replenishing cash in a till or bar.

· Cost of renewing your special employees license (gaming license).The initial cost cannot be claimed.

· A cost associated with hiring equipment, such as renting a PA system or extra chairs for a function.

· Journals related to hospitality, phone calls related to work, and union membership renewals.

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