Tax Deductions Cleaners

If you are employed as a cleaner, you can take advantage of several tax deductions. You should be aware of all the things you can claim to maximize your tax refund. In most cases, the tax benefits are in the form of tax deductions for out-of-pocket expenses you incur throughout the year that are not reimbursed by your employer.

Travel and Accommodation: Tax Deductions

· When your personal car is used for work-related purposes, including travel to meetings, conferences, or training that is not held at your usual place of work, or to visit your customers and clients, you may claim the cost of the car. The best way to provide an estimate of the number of kilometres travelled will be to keep a log of your trips in your personal vehicle.

· The vehicle must be owned by you and maintained by you before you can claim these expenses. These expenses cannot be claimed if you are provided the vehicle by your employer.

· If you keep receipts for these expenses, you can claim the cost of transportation, meals, and accommodation if you are required to stay overnight for your work.

Working Clothing: Tax Deductions

· Purchase, rental, laundering, and repair expenses can be claimed for protective clothing, compulsory uniforms with company logos, and non-compulsory uniforms that are registered with Au Industry.

· It is not possible to claim expenses relating to plain clothes.

Tools and Equipment: Tax Deductions

· You can make an immediate claim for the purchase of work-related equipment under $300.

· A claim can be made for wearing work-related equipment that was insured and for the interest paid on a loan taken out for the purpose of acquiring the equipment.

Other Expenses: Tax Deductions

· Costs associated with protective equipment such as gloves, glasses, and breathing masks can be claimed.

· In case you must spend part of your day in the sun, you can claim the cost of sun-protective clothing.

· Renewed union fees can be claimed, but not the initial joining fee.

· You may claim phone and Internet expenses incurred for work purposes, provided you have written documentation of those expenses.

· Stationary used at work, appointment books, etc. can be claimed.

· If your employer requires that you take first aid or OH&S training, you can claim the costs.

· If you perform some of your work from your home office, you may be able to claim a deduction for your expenses.

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