Tax Deductions Ambulance Officers and Paramedics

Your dedication to patients is lauded and we want to give back by putting together a list of all the expenses you can claim on your tax return.

You can deduct out-of-pocket expenses that you incurred throughout the years, but were not reimbursed by your employer, from your tax return.

Tax Deductions for Ambulance Officers and Paramedics: Accommodation and Travel

  • If you do not receive a meal allowance from your employer, you can claim costs related to meals when working overtime. Generally, you can claim up to the allowable amount without keeping receipts, but it's a good idea to keep receipts so your claim goes more smoothly.

  • For work purposes you may be required to stay away from home overnight, and you may be entitled to reimbursement for meals and lodging.

  • If you work at two different places of employment, including a second job, you can claim the cost of traveling between them.

Tax Deductions for Ambulance Officers and Paramedics: Work Clothing

  • This includes the cost of purchasing, cleaning, and repairing high visibility clothing and compulsory uniforms.

  • Protective equipment that you need for work can be claimed as a deduction.

  • Conventional clothing cannot be claimed even if you must wear it.

Tax Deductions for Ambulance Officers and Paramedics: Self-Education

  • As long as you're not reimbursed for your self-education expenses, you can claim them for the purposes of your current job. Educational programs that will help you advance or earn a higher salary.

  • It is tax deductible for you to attend short courses and seminars that aim to improve your skill set.

  • But it is not deductible for courses that prepare you for a different career.

Tax Deductions for Ambulance Officers and Paramedics: Other Expenses

  • Work related equipment purchase claims can be made immediately for equipment under $300, and if the equipment is over $300, you will be able to claim depreciation over the asset's life. A business-related portion of an item can be claimed only if it is used partly for business purposes and partly for private purposes.

  • Your license and registration renewals during the term of your employment are eligible for deduction, but not the initial cost. Your driver's license is not eligible for reimbursement.

  • Union or association fees can be claimed as renewal fees.

  • Subscriptions to professional journals, magazines, and periodicals are eligible for tax deductions.

  • Attending conferences and seminars related to your job may qualify for reimbursement, including travel, meal and accommodation expenses.

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