Tax Deductions Beauty Therapists

Beauty therapists are entitled to a variety of tax deductions. Lodging a tax return can be a stressful process, especially if you do not know exactly what you are entitled to claim. To ensure you are fully aware of all the tax benefits that are available to you as a beauty therapist, we have put together the following guide.

Most of the tax deductions for beauty therapists come from out-of-pocket expenses, incurred throughout the year, for which they are not reimbursed by their employers.

Tax Deductions for Beauty Therapists: Meals and Travel

  • If you use your personal car for work purposes, such as for travel to meetings, conferences or training not held at your workplace, or to visit your client's site, you may be able to claim the costs. It is necessary to keep a log of trips to estimate the number of kilometres you have travelled.

  • As long as the trip meets the above criteria, you can claim taxi, parking, and toll fees.

If your home is your place of employment or you have to transport bulky equipment that cannot be stored securely at work, you can claim the cost of travel to and from work.

Tax Deductions for Beauty Therapists: Work Clothing

If you are directed to wear a mandatory uniform or protective clothing, you can be reimbursed for the cost of buying, laundering, and repairing the clothing.

In the case of non-compulsory uniforms, you can claim them if your employer has registered them with AusIndustry.

Tax Deductions for Beauty Therapists: Training

  • In general, you may claim self-education expenses if they are necessary to keep your current job, meaning that they will help improve your skills and knowledge as well as increase your income.

  • In most cases, you cannot claim education expenses incurred when searching for a new job, since they do not connect with your current income generating activities.

Textbooks, stationary, course fees, and travel expenses are all included in costs

Tax Deduction for Beauty Therapists: Work Equipment

  • For equipment purchased under $300, you can make an immediate claim. A depreciation expense can be claimed if the equipment cost more than $300.

  • If any equipment needs to be repaired, you can claim the costs.

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