Facts and Fiction about Tax Deductions

This blog post examines the difference between facts and fiction about tax deductions.

1.You may claim a driving benefit if you work the night shift or don't have access to public transportation.

We are talking about FICTION here. If you drive to and from work, you can only use this deduction in certain situations. It does not count if you work night shifts or don't have access to public transport near your workplace. It does not count if you work night shifts or don't have access to public transport near your workplace.

2. No matter what, you can claim the maximum $150 for laundry

There is no way to do this. A few conditions must be met before you can claim laundry

  • Work specific clothing, such as chef pants, or a logoed uniform are required

  • It is not necessary to wash the aforementioned clothing at work, since they wash your work clothes for you rather than you wearing your uniform at work each day.

  • You can claim a certain amount depending on how frequently you wash and whether you wash your work clothes separately.

3. Since your boss says you have to stay alert and on the ball all day, you can claim your coffee

It's FICTION as well. You might enjoy your morning cup of coffee and it might keep you awake, but as far as the ATO is concerned, this expense is considered a personal expense.

4. You can’t see the computer screen properly so you can claim your glasses you bought at OPSM

It is FICTION. In spite of the fact that glasses are a personal expense, they cannot be claimed. Other personal expenses that cannot be claimed are gym memberships and haircuts to keep you fit and presentable at work.

5. Your takeaway lunches can be claimed since you work at different places every day

It is also FICTION. Only certain types of meals are eligible for reimbursement:

  • You receive a meal allowance when you work overtime

  • Traveling overnight is a requirement of your job

This concludes our Fact vs Fiction blog on tax deductions.

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